Sunday Stash Report and my Sweet Peas

Sunday, June 29, 2008
This week I did add some backing fabric to my stash, some 110" wide flannel--2 1/4 yds. It is to go on the back on my tossed salad top. I have them ready to load on my machine so it won't stay in my stash long. And then I can count all that fabric as a finish!!! Woohoo!! And my perennial sweet peas are starting to bloom. This plant is about waist high, and has many more buds on it. There is a wayward mum behind it.


Stephanie D said...

Who's the lucky recipient of the tossed salad quilt?

I like the sweet pea and the wayward mum together--pink/fuschia and orange are one of my favorite summer combos. Do sweet peas have a scent?

BTW, I changed my blog address. The title is still "Scraps", but the URL is now

SueR said...

Okay, question. If you buy one yard of 110" wide fabric, does that count as one yard added to the stash or more than one because of the extra width?

Pat said...

Another finish in the near go girl!

Stephanie D said...

I've got an award for you on my blog--come and get it!