Monday Goals

Monday, July 14, 2008
What shall I make for goals this week? Most my goals aren't quilty right now!

1. Finish the baby blocks into a top
2. Fix "oops" on tossed salad and finishing quilting it
3. Work on a UFO

Yup, I think those will work. Right now I am making taverns from some burger (Ken LOVES tavern--silly man!) And for supper I will make steaks, burgers, and stir fried veggies. YUM! I have some bananas sitting here saying "make something with me" but I am unmotivated. Later I will putter in my flowers. Sit and enjoy lemonade and iced tea on my deck. Ahh---summertime!

Oh, I have been working on my baby quilt blocks, I have all the long legged stars done, and most the 4 patches made, so it won't take a whole lot more to get it done. And I found this glass bowl with ivy leaves on it, I bought it simply because I remember my grandmother serving cucumbers in it in the summer. I'm sure she used it for lots of other things, but that memory is so clear. And then my best friend sent me this pyrex pot, I had one and broke it. I love vintage glassware!


Stephanie D said...

What are taverns? Besides pubs, I mean. Never heard of them.

You know, I have several items that are duplicates of what my mother or grandmother had. And this weekend I bought a platter similar to one J-Man had when we married and I broke one day. I don't know why things like that are so comforting.

mereth said...

I have my mother's pyrex casserole dishes and certain dishes were always cooked in certain shapes- tuna casserole in the oblong one, egg and bacon pie in the round one etc.I do the same, I don't know why, but I think they'd taste different if I used another shape dish! I suppose I want the recipes to look just like the ones from my childhood, even more comfort in the 'comfort food'.
Funny how the batting shrinks sometimes, I've had that happen on our machine too.Must be the quilting.

Pat said...

Glad that the baby quilt blocks are making up fast and friendly :)

I'm with Steph...what are taverns? besides a place to drink, of course.

My MIL has the same teapot and many vintage pyrex bowls she uses at the cottage :)

Gill - That British Woman said...

I am number 3 to ask you this WHAT ARE TAVERNS????? We need to know....LOL

Gill from Canada