Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, July 27, 2008
This week I didn't buy any fabric, and I didn't finish anything. Drat! But I am inching my way to some finishes. The tossed salad is down to the binding, the baby quilt's blocks are done and set together, now I just need to buy some fabric for borders. The chunky churn dash has it's borders on, I went with the same teal blue as the hour glass blocks, I am liking that top the more I play with it!

I will work on the binding for the tossed salad so it can be "done done". And I may look around my stash for some backing for the chunky churn dashes. Hmmmm. No idea what I might find.

My garden is keeping me busy, yesterday I harvested 1 large pail of summer squash, so made a cake and some quick bread with some of it. Some I chopped and put in the freezer for winter. And the rest will go to one of Ken's co-workers. I will have more in less than a week, looks like a bumper crop. Isn't zucchini ALWAYS a bumper crop??? Wish the tomatoes would hurry up, I love tomatoes!


Donna said...

Sounds like you are making good progress on your quilts. The finishes will come in time.

Zucchini soups is another good way to use them up. It freezes well.

Kathy said...

You are on your way and will have those finishes in no time. Good luck on the zucchini....I would much rather have the tomatoes!

Pat said...

Soon...soon...the finish will be there! Only a little more on the tossed salad quilt! yea!

and yes, I think zucchini is always a bumper crop :)

SueR said...

Wow, you got a lot done this week! I'm still waiting for tomatoes too, hoping to get a few grape tomatoes in a week or two. I chopped down all my basil today and Chris made pesto with it. Never had it homemade before, so we mixed a little in with some pasta, and oh was it good!

Stephanie D said...

Okay, squash in a cake?

This Southerner has no idea what that is!

JuJu said...

Hi girl, thought you dropped off the earth! LOLOL Glad you are getting a lot of quilting done and gardening too!