Monday Goals

Monday, July 28, 2008
Well, I'm not going to have much for goals. The next two weeks are full of volunteering, errands, and we are spending a long weekend with our daughter and husband. Last night I did finish the tossed salad quilt (woohoo!!) Tonight Ken asked if I could "quick make a baby quilt" for another pregnant co-worker of his. I have a simple pattern I've been wanting to try, so maybe if I cut out TWO of them I will keep ahead of him!!

1. Look for border fabric to go on baby quilt
2. cut out another baby quilt (or TWO!)
3. more lemonade and sitting admiring summer!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, it just seems to be flying by!


Stephanie D said...

I know what you mean--got two magazines yeaterday with fall quilts in them--seems like it comes so quickly, and yet, I am tired of the hot, humid weather.

Pat said...

Can hardly wait to see the easy quick baby quilt...a friend wants me to make a baby quilt as a gift (for her to give)...always on the lookout for new and easy patterns to make!

Congrats on the tossed salad finish!

Have a fun time with your family, volunteering and drinking your lemonade :)