Monday Goals

Monday, December 15, 2008
Had a struggle to reach Monday's goals. That's good, you should set your goals a bit higher than you think you can reach. So this week I chose--

1. Quilt a top
2. Bind a top
3. Work Christmas Blocks into a top
4. Mail out Isolette Covers

This is a small portion of wall where I quilt. I love angels--angel wallhanging, angel door hanger, angel pins, angel ornament. And Snowmen, you will find some of them too. And my Christmas tree wall hanging has angels flying in the border. I like them so well I leave them up all year.


pdudgeon said...

looks like you have a cold and wooly day up there in Dakota City this morning! just the weather for quilting, eh?

(gotta laugh; my word for verification today is 'thump'. reminds me of reindeer landing on the roof,and the sound of Santa's bag as it hits the floor!)

Tins and Treasures said...

Are you snowed in? A perfect day in South Dakota to stay indoors to work on Monday Goals! We don't have school, but my hubby works for the state and had to go it...said it was rough...

MightyMom said...

angels are awesome!

why is it the first thing they always say is "Don't be afraid!" ????

JuJu said...

Love your angels! I collect them also, most of mine are figurines... I suppose it's colder there than here? -4 this morning with -23 wind chill!!