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Monday, December 8, 2008
Stress relief, I need stress relief! Whew! This nursing is a little stressful, along with everything else, so last night I locked myself in the sewing room and made some lottery blocks. I love to do that, use up bits and pieces of my stash and experiment. So, I thought I would show them to you---

The Yankee puzzle blocks are for about.com

The chevron blocks are for one of my on-line quilt groups.

I am hoping to win the Yankee puzzle blocks, they are done with yellows/golds and another dark color. To me this is "scrappy" and those are my favorite type of quilts!

Last night it snowed and the wind blew, but today it is warming up and doesn't look too bad out. I am staying inside!


Sweet P said...

Nice job on the blocks! They are cute.

Belated Happy Birthday! Your goodies look wonderful! Have fun playing with all of them.

MightyMom said...

love the first set of chevron blocks!

say, in Order of the Phoenix, in the scene towards the beginning in the kitchen....behind Sirius draped over a chair or rack....is a tumbling blocks quilt that I'd love to make! the "tops" of each set of blocks is black the two sides of each block looks like a Moda Marble in 2 jsut different shades to give the 3D effect. I've never seen Tumbling Blocks done before with black and it's STRIKING.

So, any ideas where I might find a pattern for such a thing? or am I gonna have to make it up myself?

that's another thing added to the to do list isn't it??

pdudgeon said...

looking good, Lori!
it's fun to just get in there and piece away, isn't it.