Monday Goals

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I almost forgot to pick some goals for this week.  I said I wasn't going to make any cookies.  Well, I lied.  It's just not Christmas without them.  But I made smaller batches and hopefully my relatives can help eat them!  But goals--

1.  Only one goal this week, finish the Christmas quilt.  

I'm pretty sure I can make that goal, I just have the hand sewing of the binding left.  But today was a bit disruptive.  First, the big tractor's diesel "jelled" so you know how cold it was.  And then the part that was broke on our snowblower for here in town came in, and Ken was going to put it on.  Well, you know how cold it is out, so I was talked into this---

Yes, that's a snowblower in my living room!  Ken and my BIL Paul are being supervised by Ruby the quilting dog.  After much running for tools, it was decided a new hacksaw blade is needed to remove a bolt, that will be first thing in the morning!  But, the snowblower went back on the deck for the night, I don't mind them working on it in here where it's warm, but it can't STAY in here!

Tomorrow is the day to clean, Mason and Laura Beth are coming tomorrow night.  



MightyMom said...

if the diesel is jelled it's too cold for ME! my blood will just plain old freeze solid!

pdudgeon said...

i know what you mean--i'll probably make some shortbread cookies today or tomorrow as well.

gotta go and get some last minute stuff today, and then i get to stay in and clean and quilt. gonna see if i can get one or two more UFO quilts finished up for this year in the next week.
hope that snowblower repair works out for the guys today.

Stephanie D said...

We're skipping the cookies this year--unless they get baked after Christmas. Just too many things on the list.

My daughter comes in tomorrow while I'm sleeping, so I can share your anticipation! It's just not Christmas without the kids around, no matter how old they are.

Hope the snowblower gets fixed!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Such is life in the upper Midwest. I admit I've never had a snowblower in my living room, but it's best if I don't want to do much in the kitchen during deer season, since it is the deer-cutting-up location. Us Midwesterners just do what's practical.

All the before-Christmas quilting is done. Just need to do some cleaning and cooking for the big day. I'll enjoy the day after when I truly have nothing that needs to be done and can just do whatever I feel like doing for a while.

JuJu said...

Been that cold here too! Glad Ken is feeling up to repairing the snow blower, sorry it was done in the living room, but that's better than freezing out side! Hope LB and Mason have a safe drive home! Enojy!!

SueR said...

I guess a lot of us are trying to finish up the last bit of quilting or binding for the year. I'd love to get three more finished but don't know if it will happen or not. No baking for us this year, just too busy. Stay warm, and Merry Christmas, Lori.