Wednesday Ramblings

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
The weather is driving me crazy. Temps go up and down. Hi's and Lo's go over. I ache. Everywhere. Yesterday I got up, and went back to bed! Of course, then I was up all night. But it wasn't all bad, I did some laundry. I also put the last round on my courthouse steps and ironed them. They are now ready to trim. Next I will tackle the last of the Jacob's ladder swap blocks. Here are the first six I made, I like them.

My goals are moving slowly, but they ARE moving! How are you doing??


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Sorry the crazy weather is making you ache. Maybe that's what's wrong with me too. Can't be that we're not as young as we used to be, I'm sure.

I'm making a little progress too. Got step #1 of the Double Delight finished. Now I'm skipping ahead to step #3. Need a little rest from square in a squares. I loaded my r/w/b string quilt for Alycia C.'s No Soldier Forgotten project. I want it quilted & ready to do the hand work on the binding in time for our Quilt Club meeting Monday night. It's taken me longer than I planned to get this far.

Stephanie D said...

That Jacob's Ladder is looking really nice!

I have to put a second coat on the walls, so no sewing for me this week. Got a 3-night stretch, so it'll be the weekend before I can finish up the painting and move everything back into the room.

pdudgeon said...

i love those Jacob's Ladder blocks!! i'm slowly making progress on my goals this week too.
thanks for the inspiration that you always provide for us.

Pat said...

Sorry you are so ache-y :( Tylenol to the rescue :)

I am making slow progress on my goals too this week.

Your Jacob Ladder blocks are very pretty in blue/white.

Mary Johnson said...

I didn't get anything done yesterday and I think it was because I hadn't been sleeping again. I was on the computer and reading most of the day and today I've got to get things cleaned for the boys' visit.

Slow progress is still progress!

Becky said...

Hope that you are feeling a bit better! Our weather has been up and down, too, but not as cold as your part of the world.

I absolutely love your blue and white blocks. So classic!!!

I didn't do any sewing since Saturday. A sinus infection leveled me for a few days. Maybe Sunday, I'll have some machine time. Taking DS on a college visit after work tomorrow through Saturday. Reading blogs tonight :)

Unknown said...

Too many changes in this crazy weather. Love the Jacob's ladder.

JuJu said...

Hang in there Lori, spring is coming!! Love the quilt!!

Katie Z. said...

It's crazy weather here too! I've been hanging out laundry, but since I can't figure out the temperature, it hung out until it warmed up again!

Looks great!