Confession Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
When I can't fit in sewing time, the longing for playing in fabric is too compelling. I BUY!~ Yesterday we had to run errands, I had my COUPON so went to my favorite discount fabric place and bought--gulp---20 yards! Now I have all but 7.5 yards already spoken for in a quilt I'm working on, so I do have a use for it. I was making Alycia's #2 "Not so top secret quilt", and I didn't have enough of any fabric to make the setting triangles. Lots of odd bits and pieces, but was afraid it would look too thrown together. How do you like these fabrics??

The solid blue on the right is for setting triangles, the red will make a border, and the blue/cream at the top is the backing. What do you think??

And that last 7.5 yards? It is to be a backing for the bricks and stepping stones blocks I sew when I am bored. I think it will make a great bias binding also, I love using plaids and stripes for bias binding.

It should coordinate well with the black/white blocks in the stepping stones blocks, and since the blocks are VERY scrappy, it will match about anything!

I'm also trying to get together with some of the Nebraska Heartstrings group members, sewing with friends is so much fun! I am hoping we can also visit the Ashfall Fossil Beds, I have wanted to see it for a long time.


Pat said...

I like the fabric that you brought! perfect for the quilts you are making!

Are the NE Heartstring-ers meeting near Lincoln?

MightyMom said...

awesome fabrics!!

I just can't believe I didn't send you enough to keep you out of the store though hahahha!


pdudgeon said...

YEA! my mailbox was full today! thanks Lori ((huggg))

and that's exactly how i would have used the fabrics you chose! GMTA, lol.

Vicki W said...

Confession is good for the soul! You officially absolved from quilt guilt.

Mary-Kay said...

So that's a great fabric enhancing experience. I like your choices but where is the repairman? Just joking.

Katie Z. said...

Very fun fabric! Thanks for the squishy goodness that arrived at the end of a LONG day!

Stephanie D said...

"When you can't sew, buy" may just have to be my new motto. Maybe I could make a banner or something to hang on the wall with that sentiment.

I like that stepping stones quilt--how big are the pieces?

And I think you definitely needed some SEX. Happier now? lol