Motivation Friday

Friday, July 3, 2009
Since this week has NO motivation about quilting, how about the outdoors?? I love flowers and gardening, so I took pictures of them instead!
First, my clematis--one is a Jackmanii

It's had a tough time, last year the carpenters stood on it to build the deck, and it's just recovering. The other side of the deck has this clematis surrounded by striped malva, it's a dwarf clematis, but I can't remember what it's name is. The flowers are like lavender bells.

In the corners of my deck where I wanted to move my climbing wisteria, (but it got too late to move them this year) I planted several different climbing annuals -- moonflowers, morning glory, lab lab, and cardinal flowers. I then stuck some of those bamboo plant poles in them up to my deck, and one cardinal flower has already caught on!
Another use of selvages if you look closely!

I also checked my perennial sweet peas, a bit wind blown but as tall as I am and blooming like crazy. More selvages!
My trumpet vine,
purple coneflowers,

and a dark hollyhock (almost black) are all starting to bloom.

Even my vegetable garden is becoming a jungle.

And then I stopped over at my sister's --- I know the red ones are knockout roses

Some of the lilies --

I love this plant -- it's nicknamed a "goat's beard"

I especially love this birch tree--

My sister and my favorite brother in law work very hard on their flowers!

But I guess I need to be more like Scrappy, my nephew's dog--

A dog's life ain't half bad!! A shady spot, someone to come along and scratch me, and a dog treat too! Ahhh!


pdudgeon said...

i love your flowers--they all look so pretty!

Brenda said...

I loved the flower show!!! It has been such a long winter/spring that I feel so behind on all the beautiful blooms!! Thanks for sharing your garden!!
And I love the puppy - Scrappy is my dogs name too!! Love it!!!
I have not been blogging, coming on to see what others are up to, but have not been posting myself. tomorrow, I will. My guild is doing a quilt show - so tomorrow I will take pics of that. And I should show my garden!! I am getting tomoatoes!! I was so excited!! Love the post!! Thanks!!

Stephanie D said...

What a lovely garden you have, Lori!

Tins and Treasures said...

I just love hollyhocks. ~Natalie