Saturday Morning

Saturday, July 25, 2009
Shhhh! Everyone is asleep yet but Ken and I. But I HAD to show you something. Laura Beth and Nick live in a house where you come in and go up a flight of stairs to the main level, or down a shorter flight of stairs to the daylight basement. Now, I don't like steps. And with Mason crawling and hanging on things to stand, I liked them EVEN LESS! But they promised when that happened they would get a gate. And here it is, it's a beauty.

Looking up

Looking down
Now, as a vigilant grandma, I can tell you there are EIGHT steps to the bottom. And there is no carpeting on that bottom landing! So I was sure glad to see that sturdy gate.

More later when I have pictures of everyone AWAKE!!


pdudgeon said...

oh that does look like a very nice gate, and sturdy too! smart parents! have fun on your visit.

JuJu said...

LB and Nick have a very nice home, the gate fits right in.

MightyMom said...

back when Sonshine was little we spent about $250 on gates...and they're still going strong. I can tell you it's the best money I've ever spent!

and we don't have steps to be careful of...just an oven...a dishwasher...a toilet.........

Stephanie D said...

That's a beautiful gate--and it looks really sturdy. That should last through several more ankle-biters.