Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My stash report is unchanged, nothing finished, nothing added this week.  But, I did poke a button when I discovered I didn't have enough fabric to finish my sashings on the disappearing 4 patch. 

It was been busy here the last week.  Tuesday Henrietta packed her bags and I drove her to the airport in Minneapolis.

Henrietta, Ken and Ruby  

It's going to be so quiet here and I am going to be SO LONELY without her!  We both took turns having the "crud" while she was here.  We didn't get to sew like we wanted, but we still had lots of other activities.  

Sue and I at the Quilt Cove
After Henrietta left, I met with Sue from MN and had lunch.  Next we went to one of her favorite quilts shops, the Quilt Cove.  We tried to decide what color fabric to stand in front of, which color made us look thinner?!!  Although I looked at lots of fabric, I only bought a seam ripper.  I've met several people via the internet, and they have all been great people.  I wouldn't miss the chance!   

On the way back to South Dakota I stayed overnight with Laura Beth and Nick.  It gave me time to play with Mason.  He is starting to talk, so it's a lot of fun.  I got there before everyone came home from work, and laid down to take a nap.  Mason woke me by poking my face!  He's getting so big and is staying such a lover.  And grandpa, we went for ice cream but Mason didn't want any!

Laura Beth and Mason "exercising"

Laura Beth has a wedding soon where she is matron of honor, and she is working at losing a few inches.  Well, I think carrying Mason while on the treadmill is hard work!

Mom, can I have a cookie before I go to bed??

Here is Mason getting a bedtime snack before heading to bed.  Although he is might be saying "cookie" I think mom was saying "banana"!

I try hard to take pictures of Mason, but most of them end up like this one--

There's Grandma with that silver box again.

He wants to be VERY CLOSE when you are taking his picture!

On Monday I head to Yankton for my summer volunteer job.  The camper went before Easter (right before it got really windy!) and today Ken and I took a load of "stuff" down.  The next load will go with me on Monday.  I will be volunteering Tues-Wed-Thur-for a while.  I was asked if I would do the educational powerplant tours while my boss is out having her knee replaced.  Sure!  I drive back and forth a lot, so it's not like I'm missed too much at home!  I need to work in my flowers, and see what I am going to plant in my garden this year.  Not much, I think tomatoes, dill, and pumpkin.

I hope the weather is wonderful wherever you are.  I have so many tops to quilt, and I need to make a few more yet this summer.  How do you spell "overwhelmed"???


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

That quilt shop looks just FULL of did you find the willpower to walk away with just a seam ripper??

Mason's getting so big. Pretty soon he'll be big enough to come stay with Grandma & Grandpa all by himself. I think Tyler was 3 when he stayed with us all by himself. He preferred it that way....didn't want to share the attention with his sisters.

Your summer sounds busy again. Someone at quilt club the other night was asking when we'd see you again.

Catsngrams said...

You sound so busy. What a cute little guy. He is just like my grandson everytime you go to take a picture he wants the camera. Have fun volunteering you are so dedicated.

Katie Z. said...

Some day, I will convince DH to go to Yankton. I remember having so much fun there!

Good luck with all the quilts you have to make. Overwhelmed with quilts seems to be the name of the game this year.

Donna said...

Overwhelmed is the theme for the year. Did you miss the memo?

Penny said...

I read about your visit over on Sue's blog and wondered if it was "my" Lori from SD. Wow, you have been so busy. I hope you will be able to work a quilt top in now and then. Nothing like the feeling of "done."

Mary-Kay said...

I saw your picture on Sue's blog. I can't believe you only bought a seam ripper! Such will power. Whenever I go to a new shop I always buy a little bit of fabric. I actually went to 2 quilt shops two weeks ago and didn't buy a thing. I was impressed with myself. Then I made up for it the next time I went to a quilt shop. Oh well!

Vicki H. said...

Getting with friends is so good for the soul isn't it. When you volunteer do you take sewing with you? It snowed here yesterday in northern Mich but we planted out seeds in the house today. Our first big garden in many years!!

Suzanne said...

What a handsome Grandson! Glad your travels went without a hitch...

MightyMom said...

oh my goodness...has it been 6 weeks already?? are you sure???

is Ruby trying to "sniff" her??

lonely huh? well.....I can think of one or two ways to help with that ;-)

you're volunteering again? already?? where's this year going to??? yikes and yowzers!