Henrietta Organizes

Friday, July 8, 2011
Henrietta organizes while she's here.   She spied my ZipLock bags with handles that projects should be stored in.

She folds stash as she uses it.

She keeps a box beside her sewing machine and neatly stacks blocks in it.

I'm not so neat.  I needed a laundry basket for the bagged projects.   This is more my style---

I dumped the laundry on the couch to use the basket! 

And this photo is for Fred.  I made 4 loaves of bread yesterday.   Henrietta loves the homemade English Muffin bread toasted.

One of our stops on Tuesday was a couple of Asian markets.  We were looking for Aloha Shoyu soy sauce.  And I've always wanted to try curry after reading about it on Tanya's blog.  Tanya--do either of these look familiar??



pdudgeon said...

OK, now you've got me curious....
what are ZipLock bags with handles??

i've heard of zip lock bags with zippers, but never handles.

Katie Z. said...

Can Henrietta come organize for me too?

MightyMom said...

Tell Henrietta to swing through DFW on her way home.....and plan to spend about a MONTH!!!


hubby pays in pies and cookies.....