Sunny Sunday

Monday, July 11, 2011
Last night I worked on a Swoon block.  I did a lot of frog stitching.  Why?   Mostly because I was tired.  Switching the placement of the dominant color SEEMED like a good idea.

The light floral was the center fabric, and the darker blue the surrounding "crown".   Several times I had the colors switched.  But, look closer.  See the plain squares laying on the right side?   Yes, that is what the background was SUPPOSED to be.  Sigh  I accidentally picked up the Kona Snow I had cut for another project and used it instead of the Kona Bone.   I've left it for the moment, I just make too many mistakes when I'm tired.  

Today I did a bit of baking.  Henrietta keeps looking in my fridge at all the heavy whipping cream.  (insert Henrietta frowning, 3 quarts??!!)  Kuchen uses whipping cream!  I made the pudding filling, set it aside to cool and made the dough.  I use my bread machine do the mixing, kneading, and raising of the dough.  Much easier.

My kitchen is small and cluttered, I rolled the dough out on a cutting board balanced over my sink.  

The dough goes into the pie pan--you don't have to be neat.  Not thin like pie crust---not quite 1/2" thick.  I usually let it rest 5-10 minutes and raise a little.  Spread the fruit filling over the dough, then the pudding filling, and sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg.  Bake!

Voila!  My recipe makes 4 pans.  For filling I used one can of cherry pie filling (enough for 3 pans) and the 4th has cut up prunes.  Prunes??  Yes--I love prune kuchen!   We had one for dessert tonight, and put 3 in the freezer.  Henrietta and I are heading on a road trip tomorrow and I'm not sure leaving the kuchen unguarded in the freezer with Ken is a good idea.  Maybe a padlock for the freezer......

Henrietta has LOTS of blocks on the design wall.  I think she has 200 to lay out.  She's asleep, I went in there and stared at them for a while.  Hmmm--only found one block to relocate.   She has about half of them up,  she said she needs more pins.  She needs me to hand them to her while she's standing on the step stool! 

Having Henrietta here is wonderful.  I hope you have a friend like Henrietta.  Drat, it makes me a bit weepy thinking about her leaving. 


pdudgeon said...

if it were me i'd just make a pillow out of that block. i like the snow better than the bone with your center fabric anyway, but i realize that using the snow would make the whole block stand out from the rest of the quilt.
and the kuchen looks very yummy indeed!

Nancy said...

Strong friendships are rare these days, so enjoy.

Quilting, cooking, and friendship - these are life's essentials.

Pokey said...

Why do we want to sew when we're tired? I've done that before. The fruit tarts sound yum!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Your kuchen looks yummy...too bad that unlocked freezer is so far away :-)

I've learned not to sew when I'm tired or if there are distractions. My old lady brain just can't handle it.

How long is Henrietta staying?

Cristy H. said...

I need to learn to make Kuchen as good as you do! Okay, maybe I should just attempt it first and see how badly it goes! Lol. Grandma talks frequently about your Kuchen and it IS delicious!! Maybe if I could whip some up for her she would eat it and gain some WEIGHT!!!! =(