I've Been Sewing

Thursday, December 1, 2011
Lots of sewing so far this week.  I finished binding the Yin Yang quilt for Henrietta.  The picture doesn't do it justice, it looks very yellowed and its not.  Rusts and browns and golds for the darks, and creamy background strips.  I know part of the background came from a Tonga Treat strip packet called "meringues".  Henrietta made this king size quilt out of batiks--and its gorgeous!   Its already in the mail to her son.

Adam's Yin Yang
It was too big to photograph the whole thing on my hanging rod--there is a lot not showing!   Henrietta doesn't usually make a king size--she was pooped when this one was done.  

Also finished was this QOV "Not So Top Secret 2" from Alycia.  I called this "the quilt that never ends".  Yeah--brain block and lots of frogging.  Henrietta finished piecing it--otherwise it would still be a UFO.  Thank you Henrietta!  

QOV That Never Ends
I would like one more quilt for that box before it goes to Alycia--so far it has the above quilt and the Double Slice Homespun.  I washed the Homespun--the dark tea dyed border didn't fade.  If it fades with time--that's okay--my hope is that the whole quilt fades and wears and sees lots of use!

I finished the binding on "Petey's" quilt and washed it--the leaves frayed nicely and I love the quilt.

Petey Quilt "Garden Lattice"
The backing is a soft blue flannel--snuggly and cozy.  

I know a lot of people wonder about quilting and fleece.  I do it--to get around the stretching and possible tucks is to mount the fleece on TOP.   Your pieced top goes on the BOTTOM.  You don't want to quilt fleece too densely, it gets stiff and hard--so a simple pantograph is all you need.  This is what it looks like when you quilt it----

Fleece being quilted--pantograph is Fantasia
Your thread will disappear down into the fleece when its washed--and the pieced top will look like any regular quilt.    I use a poly batting in these--I don't want to use a batting with lots of cotton that shrinks--the fleece back won't shrink, and with the fleece there is plenty of weight to the quilt without adding cotton batting.   

Last night I just "played" in the sewing room.  I needed a break--nose to the grindstone is wearing!


Vicki W said...

You sure have been sewing! I like all of those quilts but I particularly love the ric rac quilt!

Brenda said...

The Yin Yang quilt is absoultly gorgeous!!!! Oh my, now I want to make one!!! Thanks alot Henrietta!! ;-)

That is such a nice quilt - I am going to have to find the pattern - even just to look at....and dream.

You have been very productive!!! I like all the finishes you have done - I am feeling like I really need to get off this compute and go to work in my sewing room, like right NOW!!! So, this is where I will be headed - ASAP!!
When I grow up, I want to have as many finishes as you!! ;-)

And I might, if I just stuck to one thing at a time instead of grabbing the next shiney thing I see and running with that!! As always, thanks for the insperation!! (or should I say, 'kick in the pants'??!! lol!!)

Wounderful post!! thanks for the smiles!!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You've been a busy girl. Love all those quilts. Petey's Quilt is especially cute. I also have my box for Alycia sitting in the sewing room. One quilt in it and another ready to go on the machine. I think this time when I go to the basement to quilt I'll have to turn the heater on. Have I ever mentioned that I DO NOT like winter???

Needles, Fabric, Chisels, and Wood…Life is GOOD! said...

I was just wondering about how i could use fleece for my granddaughter's Dora quilt. Perfect timing.

Hint: I have found that if I turn off the lights and use my flash I generally get a truer color for my quilts.

Nancy said...

Petey's quilt will be a cuddler with the fleece back.

Katie Z. said...

Before I forget (because I WILL), there is a package headed your way for Petey and Mason!

I love the quilts. My next finish (I'm on the last side of binding) is the largest I've ever made, and I feel like it's never going to end either!

Good luck with what is sure to be a busy month for you!

Stephanie D said...

Petey's quilt is just SO cute!

Love the Yin Yang quilt! Just handling that big thang would tire someone out.

Glad you got some time to "play". Great ideas are born that way.

Michelle said...

Those are gorgeous quilts -- especially Garden Lattice.

Suzanne said...

Wonderful quilts galore! You've been a busy Super Woman! Thanks for the tip on quilting fleece.

Kim said...

Wow! I can always count on finding you busy and accomplishing all good things. All of the quilts are really very nice and Petey's Quilt is such fun - really like this one. The photos you took of the kids during Thanksgiving are Christmas card worthy. Good to hear that life is treating you well. Happy quilting! :-D

sewspeciallady said...

Beautiful Quilts Lori- Looks like you have been busy. Lucky kids to get nice quilts made with LOVE.

Unknown said...

Guess your mojo got home ok. But it took mine with it. You have really been busy ! Guess I have to get busy too. P.S. You send me my mojo and I will send you 2 puppies !