Tuesday Goals

Wednesday, December 7, 2011
I managed all my goals last week.  This week, well this week will be slower.   Monday I drove to Mankato to wait for the new baby.  My car was stuffed--I brought plenty of projects to work on "in between".   Today I ran errands so I can stay in out of the cold.  The temp tonight is 11°F.  I brought my warm jammies and my electric blanket is plugged in.  


  1. work on 3 binding projects
  2. make more Anita's Arrowhead blocks

That's enough, I'm sure there will be lots of other duties this week. 

Anita's Arrowhead blocks--these are blocks made using Anita Grossman Solomon's cutting method.  The blocks are complex to look at--but easy to make.  One cutting step, and you do all your trimming at the end when you square up the block.  I love it!  The book Rotary Cutting Revolution
has 8 different quilt blocks made with her one step cutting method.  It's a nice way to relax--I cut a stack of 8" squares so I could piece them while in Mankato.  

A few days of relaxing, sipping hot apple cider while admiring the decorated tree, cookies on a holiday tray.......!  Not here!   Life is Lucky Charms under the couch, Mason wanting Grandma to "play trucks", and Nick dashing out to fetch Laura Beth a sweet treat.  Life is good!!


Needles, Fabric, Chisels, and Wood…Life is GOOD! said...

Enjoy Grandma Watch. I loved being there for the last three because I was able to spend extra alone time with the first two.

Also thanks for the block idea. Downloaded it and even have the fabric to do something fun with it.

Sara said...

Have lots of fun being grandma. Time will fly!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I love it - playing trains - doesn't get much better does it?