Motivation Friday

Friday, December 30, 2011
Its the last Friday of the year and I've been thinking about 2012.  Writing down ideas and establishing priorities.  Nothing concrete yet--have you been thinking about 2012?

I didn't do much sewing--but I have pressed and pinned 25 Anita's arrowhead blocks.  When Mason has time we will sew them together--I promised I wouldn't do any sewing until he could help me.   I would pin a few more--but I'm out of pins!   

Have you seen the soap dispensers that automatically squirt out a dab of liquid soap when you wave your hand beneath the spigot?  Laura Beth and Nick have one on the kitchen sink ledge and I LOVE it!   Nick brought me one in my favorite color---

a green one.  Thank you Nick!   I stuck the arrowhead blocks underneath so I can say it was a quilty picture.  

Remember the Vines quilt I made Mason?  He's been using it--

The rick rack vines make great roads, and you can drive on the narrow yellow road or the wide blue road on the edges.   We park on the grass (green blocks) or in the flowers (yellow flower block) and sometimes on the water (blue blocks).   Grandma drives the red pickup and is chased by Mason's police truck A LOT! 


Pokey said...

Cute post, Lori. A boy can turn anything into a "road" for his cars, but your gs is quite clever! Oh, and of course, he can turn any 2 cars into a chase, too, lol

Happy New Year!

Nancy said...

Love to see Mason using and loving the quilt.

Elaine Adair said...

Funny - putting the quilt blocks under the washing stuff! 8-))

I've run allover Scottsbluff trying to find the slick dry silicone stuff for an easier job on my machine quilting. Finally gave up and just used PLEDGE on the surface. Works good enough!

Very Happy New Year to you, Lori! 8-))

Happy New Year

Stephanie D said...

Wasn't that the "Petey" quilt for the new baby? lol Does this mean you have to make another one? How terrible. lol

Sara said...

It's great to see little ones using their imaginations to play! That quilt provides all kinds of "road" possibilities.

Suzanne said...

So sweet...glad to see a quilt used and loved.

Kim said...

Children are so joyful in their play and seem to always be inspired to imagine the possibilities with the treasures that surround them. Seems that this quilt is a great source of inspiration! I'm glad you are having so much fun with Mason. Happy New Year, Lori. :-D