Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, June 11, 2012
I'm drawn to old quilts.  This one was made by my Great Aunt Katie.  From the fabrics Henrietta and I think the quilt was made in the 40's--maybe early 50's.  I never knew Aunt Katie, she exists for me in family stories and this quilt.

This quilt has been well-loved.  I remember sleeping under it as a child.  A Seminole strippy with a small floral print on a yellow background, and a solid fabric on the back I'd call "Muskmelon".   A plain green square runs down each strip.   Reproducing this quilt is on my bucket list.

Weekly goals--
  1. Sew more Birds in Air blocks together
  2. Sew more rows of the Trip Around the World 
  3. Load a top on the Princess
My list is optimistic, I'm not sure with volunteering and summer I'll get much sewing done. 


Nancy said...

It is wonderful that we can remember our ancestors through their crafts. Your great aunt's quilt is lovely.

Sara said...

What a treasure! and the fact that you have a memory associated with it makes it so much more special. It is a beautiful quilt. That design would be fun to recreate with modern fabrics too.

Henrietta said...

Hidden, off to the right, Henrietta holding the line up with a long handled hoe.

Paula, the quilter said...

What a wonderful old quilt and it's story. What size is it?

AnnieO said...

Wonderful well loved quilt. I like the green patches marching down the strips very much. Lovely old thing!

Stephanie D said...

Love the colors and color placement in this!