Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, June 3, 2012
Finally--different numbers for this week!~

In This Week--10.5 yards
In Year to Date--122.5 yards
Used This Week--14.5 yards
Used Year to Date--94.25 yards

Stash is ahead--28 yards!

I finished the Brown Urban Cabin--that used 12.5 yards.  (picture in a later post)  1.5 yards for a gift and pair of hot pads for .5 yard--that's another 2 yards.   I bought 3 yards of a dark brown to finish my Plaid 4 patch, and 7.5 yards of a solid 30's type yellow.  I found the brown in a sale bin for $1.69 yd and used a coupon for the yellow--that brought its cost down to $1.47 yd.  Wheee!!!

Saturday the weather was perfect and I sat outside in a lawn chair to hand sew the binding.  Its very quiet and secluded where I camp---just me and the wildlife yesterday.   

Thelma--the turkey hen who has a nest somewhere near me stops by every morning and evening--she cleans up the spilled bird food underneath the feeder.  She is VERY shy and I haven't been able to get a picture of her.  But this morning I was able to photograph Doris--she was dusting in the flower bed in back of the Visitor Center.  Two way glass in the windows--she can't really "see" us so I was able to snap a picture through the glass.  

There's not much for flowers in this flower bed!  We've given up--between the birds at the feeder, the squirrels, rabbits, gophers, turkeys, deer and a groundhog or two--its more of a parking lot than a flower bed.  

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Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Lori,
Yes, the weather here has been perfect the last couple of days. I love that you were able to do your stitching outside.

Doris is great. Do you think she will let us see her babies?!

Happy Sunday ~Natalie

Nancy said...

Yesterday was gorgeous here with a tiny breeze. Cheryl (a knitting buddy) came over, and we sat and knit on my deck, knitting on various projects. It was a heavenly afternoon.

Love the photo of the turkey.

Sara said...

Love that turkey photo. That is precisely why it would be silly for me to add any flower beds in my back yard. The deer and turkeys think it is their playground and nibble or nest as they please. But I do enjoy watching them out my family room windows.

Henrietta said...

Doris and Thelma? Surely there is a Beryl or maybe an Ethel out there too? I went to school with a Lavinia who of course had her name shortened to Lavvy which is what the precious call the toilet, poor thing.

If my back co-operates I am going to pull weeds today, after I go buy bugspray, it is about mid 70's, with a gentle breeze, perfect.

Boysie misses you

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Yesterday was indeed a perfect day...and guess what? I was inside working all day. Bah!! Your sewing spot looks perfect...can I move in with you? :)