Design Wall and Weekly Goals

Monday, October 29, 2012
A new project has been started.   Can you guess what it is??

Yes, that's the start of a Double Wedding Ring.   I've admired and *gasp* LUSTED for one!   But all those little pieces!   Then I decided to bite the bullet and utilize paper piecing.  

After a bit of experimentation with different paper--tracing paper seems to be the answer.  Its lightweight and transparent, and with careful handling it feeds through my printer.  Its also easy to remove after sewing.  I found a free pattern at Free Spirit.  And the melons and arcs?   A window place near me will cut nice plexi-glas templates fairly cheap--I will take the pattern there and have a set made.  This is a long term project--after all--I've wanted one for a long time!   Please check everyone's Design Walls at Patchwork Times.

More yo-yos are being set in blocks of 36.  This vintage quilt came from Quilt Index--I like how it doesn't use one color/fabric as sashing.  So far the plan is to use this setting for my yo-yo quilt. 

Picture from Quilt Index
One color sashing is nice--but that would require 1,120 (as near as I can figure) yo-yos all the same (how boring to make!)--and use 19.44 YARDS of fabric!  This setting would use my stash--much more to my taste and pocketbook.

The camper hasn't moved--the weather wasn't the best--windy, a bit of rain and some of this---

Outside my camper door
Yes--that's SNOW outside my camper door!  It quickly melted and the weather will be mild and NOT WINDY--I hope to have the camper home on Tuesday. 


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Good for you for getting your DWR started. I have the top for one made using the Mary Ellen Hopkins pattern. Everything went together very well. I've just been debating ever since as to whether I want to take one row of rings off because I think it turned out too big.

The weather may not have been good enough for moving your camper, but at least we aren't dealing with Hurricane Sandy and whatever else may brew out of that.

Hope you have a great week!

Julianne said...

Wow you have been busy. I love the paper piecing idea. I have made two continus arch DWR no little pieces. Have fun.

Nancy said...

Great start on the DWR. It will be fun to watch this one progress.

I've had plexi-glass templates made at glass shops. They work great.

Mary-Kay said...

I love DWR quilts. My sister and I made one for my parents, too bad my dad didn't get to see the finished project. My mother shows it to nayone who walks in her door. She loves it! We used that Quilt Smart interfacing and appliqued the arcs on to squares of fabric. I've never done one using the paper piecing method but one day, I'll give it a try. Your weather looks better that ours. The wind is just blowing away like crazy. My friend had her house reshingled last Thursday and the wind blew off the new shingles last night. She had water coming in through the window frames and in the ceiling of the attached garage. Now she has a giant mess to clean up. Other than the wind and chilly temperatures, it's not as bad as I thought it would be. We are getting the edge of Hurricane Sandy and no snow is in the forecast, yet!

Katie Z. said...

I've made one DWR for my older sister, owe my younger sister one, and cut my scraps for my (someday) own! I'm in good company, I think!