Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, December 3, 2012
Lots of sewing here this week.   I made four pillowcases--

These will go with the QOV when I send them off.

Next I read about these--

Bowl potholders!  We often have bits and dabs of leftovers to warm up in the microwave and we've juggled those hot bowls.  Now we can pick them up by the "ears".  Thank you Karen--the tutorial worked great.  You can find Karen's tutorial here.  Check more Design Walls at Patchwork Times.

Last week's goals--
  1. One more yoyo block--YES
  2. Two more sailboat blocks--YES all 12 done
  3. Three more Trip Around the World rows--No
New Weekly Goals--
  1. One more yoyo block
  2. Sash some of the sailboat blocks
  3. a pillowcase

That's all my goals for this week--Nick, Laura Beth and boys will be here Thursday nite--we're celebrating Asher's 1st birthday.  Hard to believe he's already a year old.  

The weather was unseasonably warm today--60's and parts of South Dakota saw 70's.  Ken and I worked outside pulling up flower stakes and cleaning flower beds.  We even mowed!  No grass--just mowed some weeds off! 

Have you been Christmas shopping?  Cookies baked?  Tree and decorations up??  We're putting up the tree after Asher goes home.  And--I never took down last year's decorations!  What you say??!!  Is she crazy??  Most my decorations are quilts, or small plaques and snowman.  I love them all, and just never put them away.  We have lights around our big window in the living room--clear lights--and they stay up year round.   I stockpile boxes of clear lights at Christmas time--my walls are white and its hard to find white wires on lights except at Christmas time.

Have a great week!!



Sara said...

Those pillowcases will look terrific with a QOV. And they will be appreciated by the recipients.

My tree is up and my house is decorated. But no baking yet. I usually only make one kind of cookie for the holidays - a cream cheese wreath cookie. Not sure when I'll get that done this year.

Nancy said...

Thanks for the link on the microwave bowl potholders. I've seen them at craft shows - now I can make my own.

Your pillowcases are great. Did you use the "sausage" method?

I am doing minimal holiday decorating this year, and I am okay with that.

Henrietta said...

My tiny tree is up and the katten are having fun with it.