Motivation Friday and a Few Pictures

Friday, December 28, 2012
I've been sewing.  

I worked on my paper pieced Double Wedding Ring arcs.  I have 62 done.   The book?  My FAVORITE childhood book--"Gigi-the story of a Merry Go Round Horse".  

Just some random pictures taken at my house---

Theresa and Ruby
Ruby at Ken's feet--life is GOOD!!
4 loaves bread--2 buttermilk honey white, 2 dark rye
Checking the crumb
Homemade Tiramisu--Christmas Day dessert
New snow beside my door
Did you read this on Judy's blog??

"After reading my emails this morning, seeing several interesting quilt shop sales and clicking a few too many buttons, I hereby declare that the last stash report of this year, and all years hereafter, shall be shared purely for entertainment purposes!"

That made me laugh!!  Henrietta--maybe we should go shopping???

I'm thinking about next year--"guidelines" (I hate the word resolutions), projects, and my UFO's.  Have you thought about 2013?  



Sara said...

This is such pretty snow. I loved watching it fall yesterday. Looks like you have been really busy and productive. And have a very happy dog.

Nancy said...

About 10 - 12 inches of snow here, too. Winter has finally arrived.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Homemade bread! Tiramisu! I've been living in the wrong house!! :)

Thinking about 2013? Yes, and I think I'll retire to my sewing room, shut the door, pull the shades, and just sew (or hide).

Resolutions and guidelines? I'm banning both. :)

pdudgeon said...

LOL, yep i saw that blog post too! Gotta admit that i only held out for one day before i caved in and let my fingers do the walkin' at The Fat Quarter Shop. However I'm blaming my downfall off the wagon on an advertisement from Quilt magazine that arrived in my mail the day before. There it was in all it's quilted glory..a quilt and pattern called "Naturally Scraps".
yea, i could have done it from my scraps, but there was this wonderful fat quarter tower just in at the Fat Quarter Shop web site, and....sigh..the fabric was just to good to pass up!
what can i say, LOL, they hooked me again! Grin!