Last Stash Report of 2012

Sunday, December 30, 2012
The last stash report of the year--my numbers haven't changed this week.

In Year to Date--158.5 yards 
Used Year to Date--117.75 yards
Stash is ahead 40.75 yards

I'm very happy with my numbers for the year.  I've used +100 yards.  And stash has grown less than 50 yards.  Quilting is FUN.  Tomorrow I'll re-examine last year's guidelines and make plans for 2013. 

Thanks Judy for the Stash Reports, they're both a great tool and entertainment!  Check here to see how many of us have been shopping!



Julianne said...

good results with your stash. I just went through and viewed your blog again I love the little touch of home I get. I am a Aberdeen native and sometime forget the views from SD are so different than MN,

Dar said...

Great numbers for 2012. See you in 2013 and hope we both increase our "used" numbers to meet our goals.

Kate said...

Congrats on using more than 150 yards in 2012. Hope your 2013 is just as productive!

DeeDee said...

I love the picture in your header. I always think I would love to live up north, but with the temp here in TN at 27, which I find unbearably cold, I know I just couldn't do it.

Thanks for sharing your life on your blog with us.

Happy New Year.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You did good!! And here I just put about 25 fabrics on my wishlist at Thousands of bolts. They are all for specific quilts I need to make this coming year though.

Happy New Year!!

Mary-Kay said...

Your numbers look way better than mine But as I said to my sister, there's always next year.

Suzanne said...

And that's what it is suppose to!