Design Wall Monday, Weekly Goals and MIA

Tuesday, December 1, 2015
The R/W/B Monkey Wrench/9 patch blocks are on my design wall--

I've started sewing them in rows.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Weekly Goals--

Finish binding Friends Among the Stars
Load and Quilt 30's Ribbons
Sew more rows together on R/W/B blocks
Trim 294 HSTs
Load and quilt Little Farm Animals top

Yes, I've been MIA.  Lorri2Rs was snowed in for week and we sewed like demons!  We also did a bit of stash enhancing so there will be new numbers for my stash report.  Thanksgiving weekend was spent with Laura Beth, Nick and the boys.  And now its snowing--again.  A few pics--

Mason with his new Avengers quilt.  Lorri2Rs pieced it and I quilted it.  The label says "made with love by Grandma"--yes, Lorri2Rs is a grandma so it wasn't a lie!

There were Avenger pillowcases, one for Mason and  Asher received an Avengers and a Dr. Suess pillowcase--he immediately turned them into bags to hop in.  He tried wearing one over his head and hopping in the other--his mother didn't think that was a good idea.  Can you say "crash"??  Ken did what he does well--

He babysat Maxwell while Nick and Laura Beth took Mason and Asher to see "The Good Dinosaur" movie.  Ruby the Quilting Dog goes with us, she's quite tolerant of the boys.  She mostly sleeps, she's 14yo and quite deaf and arthritic.  She's always happy to go and happy to get home--

And more snow--

Ken blew snow this afternoon and we have had at least this much again, you can't even tell he blew the sidewalks clear.  Sigh  But I did get a nice picture today--

Our blue spruce was quite pretty.  Liz suggested I turn it into a Christmas postcard, I think that's an excellent idea!

A new quilt has been started--

294 HSTs for the Quiltville Mystery Allietare.  Its no secret I hate diagonal seams.  I almost chucked the idea when the first clue came out, but I've seen some beautiful quilts from the mysteries so i pulled my big girl panties up and waded in.  Almost all the fabric needed can come from my stash, I did have to buy the gray constant--no gray (1.5yds) in my stash.  My phrase is "enjoy the process" and my words are "balance" and "focus".  I've decided I need to challenge myself with new things, so participating in the mystery sounded like a good opportunity.  

Gauntlet Toss--I said I would quilt 5 quilts by January 1, and 12 total by May 1st.  I quilted #3 last week--

The binding is on and it just needs the hand stitching, my favorite part.  The photo is pretty washed out, its much brighter than that.  These are some of those "found" 30's blocks from the sewing room reorganization.  

I'll try to post more regularly. Gina phoned me and asked if I was still recovering from Lorri2Rs visit?  I think she's still recovering from ME!!  



Tired Teacher said...

Love the Monkey Wrench top!

Looks like you got the storm that dumped near a foot here over Thanksgiving. It's safe to say it will be around for a long time: can you say White Christmas!

Clever boy to use the pillowcase as a toy. Kids are so imaginative.

DeeDee said...

Your monkey wrench quilt is wonderful. The boys are pretty neat too!

Sara said...

The monkey wrench blocks are looking great. And I can just imagine how excited Mason was with his new quilt.

I had a teeth-gnashing moment myself when I saw that first clue. But with the husband gone again for another 2 weeks, and 10" of new snow I had lots of quiet time and managed to finish all of those HST. Hoping the second clue is less painful.

Sandi1100 said...

Your grandsons are adorable and so happy with their quilts and pillow cases! I also think you should make that picture of the spruce tree as a Christmas card. It's beautiful!

sewspeciallady said...

Great Job lori1R . The boys look happy. Grandpa looks content with sleeping Maxwell. Hard job but someone has to do it!!! Looking forward to another sew-in but not snow-in :):) We sure had fun. Lonesome here for sewing company.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

If you don't "enjoy the process" you're sunk on the Bonnie quilts from the very beginning...she really likes "small" and HSTs. I love most of her patterns though.

Mason's quilt is such a cool boy's're a good grandma...and so is Lorrie2Rs. :)

I don't think we have as much snow as you do...or as much as another friend in Pukwana showed on her FB, but with the wind blowing today, my club postponed our Christmas party. Two out of six members were going to be missing anyway so it was just as well. Just staying warm & safe.

Vic in NH said...

wow, you've been so busy! Congratulations on all the quilting that you got done while the snow fell. I'm loving that you're gonna play along on the mystery, wheee! The Christmas tree is beautiful and worthy of your cards this year. Or next?