Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, February 1, 2016
These blocks are on the ironing board-

The start of Simply Woven by Moda Bakeshop.  Its a free pattern, check it out!  I'm using two jelly rolls and whatever else appeals to me.  Please see everyone's Design Wall Posts at Patchwork Times.

The quilting is done on Raggy Flowers--

Its been trimmed, the binding stitched on and now on the Happy Binding Pile.  It is #9 in the Gauntlet Toss.  

Weekly Goals--

Finish last seven seams on Star Struck
Quilt another top
Find backings for two tops
Search closet for blocks in rows
Pull 112 Bricks for swap with a friend
Simply Woven-next strip
Binding beside recliner

Looks like lots of projects?  I don't intend to do them all, but do need to list them to focus my attention.  Last night after I was in bed I had a 
and had to go search for an old project in my sewing room.  Immediately.  Yes, an OCD moment.  I have another "guild quilt kit" and I remembered some black/white 4 patches from a long forgotten UFO.  Drat, they are not the same size as the kit's squares.  Do I cut the squares smaller?  I'm thinking I will.  From 6.5" to 5.5 inches.  They are a good color--wine reds to purple reds.  I can add another color from my stash.  There are at least 50 B/W 4 patches already made. This year I'm working on "boy" quilts to donate.  My search was prompted by seeing this photo I had saved--

I can't remember where it came from--but loved how the 4 patches are not all B/W but you only see the dark/light diagonals.  I think this will be a good pattern to use some of my unloved 5" charms. I have more new starts floating in my head, but I need to get cracking on a few older projects first.  Still need to quilt 3 tops for my personal Gauntlet Toss.

There's a blizzard watch, I'm hoping we are on the edge and most of it goes southeast.  Lorri2Rs better stay home, she's right in the heavy snow zone.  

I'm ready for April, tired of winter.  Sigh  



Mary-Kay said...

I like the 4-patch idea. it will make a really nice cozy quilt. Speaking of snow, we haven't had much yet this year. I think we had to shovel once. Not enough for the snow blower, too much to just leave to melt. Right now it's 35 and supposed to go up to 45 later in the day. Frozen mix tomorrow but no accumulation as it's going to be in the 40's again. I can't believe it's February and we haven't had any snow. I know be careful what you wish for. Why couldn't it be like this when I still delivered mail? Anyway happy sewing!

Sara said...

A brilliant idea coming to you in the middle of the night!! My ideas tend to come when I'm driving to some school early in the morning but then I've forgotten by the time I get home again.

I'm hoping that snow stays south of us too. Way south!!

Nann said...

I admire you for getting up to deal with that brilliant idea! If that happened to me I'd stay in bed. The weather forecast says we'll get perhaps 1" out of the storm. It's going to really hit Iowa right in the caucuses!

Elaine Adair said...

Good luck with the blizzard watch. DH is obsessing with TV, NOAA, computer weather versions - oh dear - he needs something else to do! Good grief, we don't need to go anywhere until spring!!! Meanwhile it's lovely here, light snowfall, but no wind.
Happy February!
Elaine Adair

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I've heard we have about 12". So much for the weather guessers' 3-6". Started snowing before we went to bed last night and kept it up until around six tonight. Wind blew like crazy all day, arranging & rearranging the drifts. Still blowing. It looks hazy out against the street light, but it's hard to tell if it's still snowing a little real fine or if it's just from the wind whipping it into the air. Schools in the area are closed for another snow day tomorrow. I'm sure that suits the kids just fine. :) I need to be a little more ambitious tomorrow. Spent too much time today tracking the storm and looking at everyone's blizzard pictures on Facebook. There's sewing to do!!!

Vic in NH said...

Hope that the surgery on hubby's shoulder went well, and that you're all dug out now and back to baking cupcakes!