Rainbow Scrappy Saturday--more Brown!!

Saturday, February 20, 2016
Can it stay February for another month?  I'm having so much fun with brown--

Two more brown Jacob's Ladder blocks.  I'm sure there will be more!  Please see everyone's brown projects at SoScrappy.

Its been a busy week.  Last Saturday I sewed in Moville Iowa with Lorri2Rs.  We had a blast!  We both worked on Alletaire--

It was a big event, 117 quilters.  There were mini workshops, lots of visiting, silent auctions, raffles, and good food.  

 Its held every year, and you can bet we're going next year!  Never wear black to sew in public--

Monday Ken went to the Dr.  Double pneumonia--both lungs, viral and bacterial.  Possible influenza.  Shots, inhaler, Tamiflu, another antibiotic, cough syrup, steroids.  He was miserable.  All this in addition to recovering from shoulder surgery.  He is feeling better but still wheezy and coughing.  

Friday 4am the wind hit.  And I mean HIT!!  76mph winds.  The back door kept being sucked open even while latched and locked.  (this is a east door--the wind was from the west).  How to keep it from being torn from its hinges?  

 I wrapped and tied a selvedge to the inside door handle.  Then I

slid the selvedges through the inside door by the hinges.  I tied a wooden kitchen utensil in the selvedges!  Hooray!  It worked!  Another use for selvedges??  The two garbage cans that were wired to a post were gone.  We drove around looking for them but no luck.  Someone returned one while we were gone, I told Lorri2Rs to watch for the other one as I think it might have made it to Iowa.  Friday afternoon was warm and sunny--there was a red striped garter snake laying in a cold shady spot.  I thought it was dead, but then realized it was just cold.  I carried her to a protected sunny spot on some concrete to warm up.  I like garter snakes, they are harmless and eats lots of pests.  

We see them all the time, in the flower beds and sunning on the concrete.  This one was pretty big so I think she's a female.  
I've had a few small finishes--

A small baby panel I found in a box downstairs.  The copyright date is 1984.  The panel itself was very thin, so I backed it with white muslin.  I think the extra layer will help.  I'll donate it--it used about 4 yards.

Next I finished this one--

Its another panel Natalie had given me several years ago.  Lorri2Rs pieced it, we used all the fabric Natalie had sent with the panel plus more.  Its a nice size 64x71, the label will read "made by Natalie, Lorri, and Lori"!  I'll donate it too.  7 yards?  And I'm not sure if I posted a pic of this one--

Its the 5" challenge I did with Liz and Teresa.  Its a free pattern from Fons & Porter, you've probably gotten one in the mail.   Its used 10 yards.  All my yardages used is are "close enough" guesses.

Today the Iowa Sweat Shop Ladies are sewing.  I miss them, but will sew along.  I'm quilting and the top thread kept breaking. After doing all the regular things--rethread, oil, different bobbin, new needle--I switched out the top thread--

The thread on the left is a 100% cotton YLI.  The right is a poly--Permacore.  
The Princess likes the Poly thread better.  It holds up to the high speed and sawing motion of the needle.  I can use 100% cotton in the bobbin.  I hate switching in the middle of a quilt, but don't think anyone will notice, its a busy top.

I'm planning on sewing all weekend.  Next week are more Dr. appointments for Ken.  Lord I love the man but he is one cranky patient!  I will blame it on the steroids.  



QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Hope Ken feels better soon....nothing like having all kinds of crap at once. Keep him wrapped up in quilts, that'll make him feel better for sure.

Cathy said...

We had those high winds over here in E. Iowa too...blew off part of our siding.
I've had those garter snakes in the basement before. How they get there I have no clue.

You did a good job with those old panels. I think I have a few around here too.

Katie Z. said...

My brother still has his bear that goes with the panel you finished! Ah, the memories.

Ken has had a rotten time, which probably means you've had a rough go of it. At least you don't have a broken nose to go with it!

Nell's Quilts said...

Lots of good work accomplished. The panels are a great way to make a quilt in a hurry and perfect for outreach quilts. We had crazy winds out our way too but not nearly like yours. My sister in Wisconsin talked about winds that sounded like trains (not the tornado variety).

Jennie in GA said...

Great progress. Looks like you had lots of fun at your event. Always love the inspiration of other quilters.

Sara said...

Sure hope Ken feels better soon so you have peace and quiet for sewing!! But I can sympathize with being a cranky patient myself.

You must have had a blast in Iowa and obviously you were all very productive. Makes me want to head downstairs and start sewing tonight, but I guess I will wait until morning. I'm going to start a new baby quilt for a niece.

Luckily we didn't have any wind damage or anything blown away. I fully expected to at least see some branches down but guess we got lucky.

gayle said...

Wow! That's a lot of quilters in one room! The energy must have been amazing.
Pneumonia is awful - I hope Ken feels better soon.
I love all your projects - including your door-holding selvage. MacGyver would be proud!

Tired Teacher said...

Sew-in looks like a lot of fun - the more people the better they are.

I like the churn dash block quilt.

Sending healing thoughts for Ken.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

The wind made it all the way down here to Colorado, too! Something like 148 mph on Monarch Pass. Fortunately we don't live anywhere near there, but it did sound like a freight train wanted to go through our house at one point! Your projects are great, and what fun sewing with all those other quilters.

The Joyful Quilter said...

You had a busy week!! I hope Mr. is feeling better and that his shoulder heals quickly.

PaulaB quilts said...

What a great gathering you two enjoyed. Clever minds can always find uses for selvages. At least the wind did not blow through your house. Hope Ken is recovering from the grumps. Have a good week.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Oh your poor husband - hug him and tell him to heal fast! And all your stitching!!! WOW!!! You are on a roll!!! The selvedges - that is a great idea - and one I will remember!