Rainbow Scrappy Saturday--BROWN

Saturday, February 13, 2016
More brown!  Oh how I LOVE brown!

More Jacob's Ladder blocks.  Tonight I ironed 22 pieces of brown fabric.  I plan to make a lot more brown blocks!  Please see everyone's brown projects at SoScrappy.

How are my weekly goals coming??

Quilt a top--half way
Reassess Alletaire--packed for the Sew In
Border on Star Struck and Binding--Yes
Mindless Piecing Project--Its a finished top
Top from guild kit--on the design wall
Binding--Still working on them
Look in closet for blocks in rows--yes, found "Beach Party"
Pick projects to take to Sew In on Saturday--packed and ready to go

I took Liz's advice on borders for Star Struck.  I wanted a plain blue border, but didn't have enough of any one fabric in the stash.  Bummer!  Instead, I used a very narrow border of solid blue, then a wider border of a print, and cornerstones from the same fabric as the narrow border.  

Hard to see but it works.  Next is finding a backing for it.  Its a nice size--86x92".

Recently on Stashbusters someone was looking for quilt patterns to use a large donation of FQs.  This one caught my eye (Thanks Lisa)--


Faux Log Cabin by Billie Lauder.  Its a "ME" pattern!  50 FQs barely made a dent in the box I keep them in.  They're pressed and waiting on the ironing board for when I get home.

I'm heading to Iowa to a Sew In with Lorri2Rs.  I've packed Alletaire and a Bricks and Stepping Stones project.  We're only sewing one day and they have great small workshops interspersed with other fun things.  Something already cut and easy to piece.  Alletaire because Lorri is bringing hers and maybe with both of us working on it we won't make so many mistakes. 

Its frigid cold again.  Well, at least we're not tracking in mud!  The outdoor freezer is stocked with baked goods.  

Are you sewing this week?  Is it warm and sunny at your house?  April can't come soon enough for me.



Quilter Kathy said...

Lovely brown blocks with pops of other colours!
Enjoy your sew in!

Kat Scribner said...

I love brown too. I don't know when that happened? Your block is so lovely!!

Vic in NH said...

Sunny but frigid here on the East Coast in New Hampshire. The brown blocks truly benefit from the little pops of reds and orange. I've been on border patrol on Matthew's quilt so must press on!

Peggyinno said...

You have had a very busy week! Great brown blocks! And your Star Struck is a winner! Have fun at the sew-in!
Oh, and we are at 59 degrees this Saturday morn. Beautiful day! Stay warm!!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Warm & sunny? You're kidding, right??? Wishful thinking.
Have lots of fun at the sew-in.

Ivani said...

Great Jacob's Ladders in brown with a dend of bright colors.
I love your Star Struck quilt. You did a great job with the border also.
It is hot and sunny here in Brazil. Stay warm and safe.

Tired Teacher said...

At this moment, April is only a wish: still have one of the coldest and typically stormiest months between now and then. Sigh!

Love the blocks and the look of Star Struck. Have fun at the sew-in.

PaulaB quilts said...

The Jacob,s ladder block is so nice with the bits of color. You so brown well. Congrats on the a star struck finishised top. A wonderful job!

Katie Z. said...

Your blocks are beautiful!

Nell's Quilts said...

Jacob's ladder has always been a favourite. You can't go wrong no matter the colour combination. Your browns + extra look so warm and inviting. Perfect for a cold winter's day.

Kim said...

I could be happy with the four blocks you've done for the Jacobs Ladder quilt and I really like the blue border with those fabulous stars. You are such a good quilt maker!

swooze said...

The faux log cabin has been on my radar. Along same lines as Bonnie's mountain majestic so. Will be interested to hear how it goes working with the pattern

scraphappy said...

Great borders on the blue. Cornerstones can be such a life saver when there isn't quite enough fabric for the last border. Looks great! Enjoy your sew-in, sounds like you have lots to keep you busy.

Cathy said...

I love brown too. I'm also making a scrappy Jacob's Ladder but not for RSC.

Still wish you were closer to this side of Iowa! My fairy wings are too laden with snow to fly over. Fairy door has too much snow in front of it to open.

Jennie in GA said...

Star Struck is gorgeous. And I really like your Jacob's Ladder blocks. Looks as if you and I are among the few who like brown.

Sheila said...

Star Struck is BEAUTIFUL!