Motivation Friday

Friday, July 31, 2009

My goals this week were family time, and I did that. Lots of Mason time, even though at the moment he has outgrown the snuggling. Shucks, I thought he was going to stay little forever! But we had fun, shared our cereal, played at the park, and moments like getting a ride in a laundry basket were fun. Now, I miss him!

I also found a bit of time to sew the setting triangles on Alycia's #2 project, and that means I will soon be able to work on side borders for it. I wanted to make it a big wider. I didn't do any stash enhancing while I was gone either. Right now I am busy with volunteering, it has been unseasonably cold, no triple digit temps, last night was in the low 50's. Great sleeping weather!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, today is the last day of July. I can't believe how the time has flown.


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

The whole problem with those adorable little guys is they don't stay little long enough. But it's fun to watch them grow and change too. Around three they have endless questions about everything, want to help with age.

I agree with you about the sleeping weather. The only problem is that with the cooler weather & open windows I'm getting the full benefit of the neighbors' big noisy dogs. On the plus side, if you can call it that, they are all pit bulls or pit bull crosses and the Village is working on an ordinance, without loopholes this time, to ban those and other breeds considered dangerous or crossbreeds of those types and they will be gone....if I get REAL lucky the owners will move away instead of give them up. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it happens before the incessant barking makes me go postal.

Henrietta said...

There is a fairly inexpensive little device made by Amtek called a "Super Barker Breaker". It runs on a small battery. Has two settings, auto and manual. Set on Auto within barking range of the offenders it will punish them with a piercing whistle every time they bark. Instantly. It generally takes even hard-core barkers less than a day or two to figure out what is causing the punishment, then the whistling stops too.

I use it on my own hounds.

You should be aware that pit bulls or pit bull crosses are not the only dogs which bark. They are not all bad either, or dangerous any more than all members of one race are the same.

You may succeed in legislating out one breed from your area by ethnic cleansing tactics similar to what was used in Germany in WWII but I hope for your sake you don't ever live next door to an owner of Blue-ticks, Plotts or any type of large hound. Or for that matter a tree climbing Jack Russell with an overdeveloped sense of territory.

MightyMom said...

well, have fun with all that work!!

how long does this volunteering last? you've been missed in email land.