Nick and the Burgers!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
This is my son in law Nick. He's a great guy. But, he has one quirk--he arranges items by size. One day I watched him rearrange our sunglasses, our cell phones, and then three flower arrangements. Today Laura Beth caught him organizing the burgers he had just taken off the grill--I made him quit and stand there while I took his picture!
If that is the biggest "fault" I can find, I think he's a keeper! Nick, you're such a good sport! Love--your mother in law!


Sheila said...

That is so funny, Lori. I love your picture title, too!

Is that Peanut Blossoms made with a refrigerated roll of cookie dough???? Yum

Stephanie D said...

Funny little quirk!

Vicki W said...

Did he organize that pan of cookies to his right too? At least he's a good sport about it!

MightyMom said...


but hey, we all have our unmentionable quirks don't we?