Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Judy asked how our goals for the year were coming. Yearly goals?? I'm not sure if I had yearly goals! Nope, I looked back, I only have weekly goals! I've already decided not to make any Christmas presents. And I worked hard the previous two years on UFO's, so that really wasn't a goal either. (I still have plenty of UFO's!) If I finished a few, great! But, I need to work harder on finishing projects I have started, and get those stash busting figures growing. I was hoping to bust another 100 yards by the end of the year. I think I can do it, if I just finish some of those "almost done" projects!

So where are you at, did you make a yearly goal? Only four months left!


Adrienne said...

Hey Lori - thanks for visiting today.

Yearly goals? Mine run more like minute to minute. heh

Really - with ADD getting a handle on the week is a big, big deal.

Brenda said...

Stop the pressure!!! I am just trying to get myself back int he sewing room, and now I am supposed to make yearly goals AND Christmas presents????

(on the serious side - yes, I did a list of things I wanted to have done this year - and so far, nothing has been crossed off, but new projects were done that were not even herd of before the year began!! Does that count????)

Mary-Kay said...

I really wanted to use 100 yards of fabric (net) but I seem to be losing that goal. But with this Stash Busting Report every week, you can see and keep track of how much fabric you actually use and buy. And I have tried really hard not to buy any fabric just because I had to have it. And we still have 16 weeks to go!

MightyMom said...

as I recall I made a couple goals...one was to lose this weight and the other was to finish my UFOs.

I'll let you be the judge of my progress there HA.

Stephanie D said...

Yearly goals? I haven't gotten daily goals down yet.