Thursday, September 10, 2009

Laura Beth, Nick and Mason arrived late last night. Ahhh!! Snuggles and kisses and all those good things. (No, I didn't mean KEN!) Laura Beth and Nick went to run a few errands, thought Mason would nap but really, you are in a strange bedroom and although you can REACH a few things over the top of the playpen, you can't PLAY with anything! So grandma picked him up and took him in by grandpa--who had worked the overnight and was sleeping---and voila! He is napping with grandpa! See, I KNEW grandpa could babysit! No pictures yet, but imagine an angelic face on the pillow all snuggled up in a big bed.


Vicki W said...


JuJu said...

oh ... so sweet ... enjoy that little man... Mason that is!! LOLOL

Stephanie D said...

Grandpas have to be trained, is all.