Wednesday Wanderings

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
We've spent the last few days recovering from Mason. Remember how busy and tiring a one year old is? But we miss him! On their way home we all drove to Sioux Falls and went to the Zoo. I'm not sure how much Mason enjoyed it, but the day was beautiful, and walking and viewing the animals was fun.

Look carefully, there is a Rhino in the background! After that, we went to Olive Garden and ate the "never ending pasta bowls". The food was excellent, and Mason liked what grandma was eating, there was a lot of sharing going on!

I also found some time to make some block lottery blocks for an online quilt group. Sometimes I participate, sometimes I don't. But this month I really liked the blocks--

The pattern is an arrowhead block from Marcia Hohn's site, and they were to be done in a black, white, and a bright solid. I really hope I win, I like this pattern!


Brenda said...

I like the look of that blk too!! I hope you win too!! And you will, just tell them to go find friends and come on home, when you send them off!!!!

Nancy said...

Little ones certainly are a lot of fun, but where do they get their energy? Glad that you had a good visit. :o)

I like the block, too.

MightyMom said...

ooo I really like that block!!! awesome.

MightyMom said...

off topic:

please come and play Thesaurus Thursday today!

Stephanie D said...

Awesome block--I hope you win them also!

When brother brought his 7-mo-old grandson last Christmas, I was so tired after a day--just from keeping the dog away from his toys, helping watch out for dangers since my house isn't baby-proofed, and dodging all the baby accoutrements in the house.
And he wasn't even walking yet!