Saturday Musings

Saturday, September 5, 2009
I like to grow flowers. I'm not into landscaping etc, I just throw in a plant or some seeds and see what happens. I had planned to move my wisteria, but they budded out early. Instead I planted some morning glories and some runner beans at the corners of my deck.

I found this beauty low down on the corner of my deck. That bloom is about as big as my hand--with fingers spread! The little red flower at the top is a Cardinal flower.

The intense color of this morning glory is lovely.

The morning glorys and the runner beans are starting to creep across the railings.

My intentions were to have my wisteria climbing the corners of the deck, maybe I can move it next spring. These are a mixture of scarlet and purple runner beans, morning glories, and cardinal flowers. To the right is striped purple malva growing in front of a clematis.

My trumpet vine needs help, there isn't enough room where it is.

Earlier this year I helped Ken get his bike ready to ride to work. I don't think it has moved since then, the vines have grow into the front of it and are blooming. In his defense, he works nights and the street to his work has been torn up all summer. A rather dangerous place to ride in the dark! I would much rather have him drive than break something!!


Brenda said...

Well, I bought myself a bike last year, and for as much as I've ridden it, I am going to pretend I couldn't because I couldn't hurt the vine that is using it for support..... - do you think that would work, considering it it's in the garadge with no plants in site????

Uh, I didn't think so either, so I'll just pretend I bought the bike next year - then I don't have to think about it anymore!!! Can't ride what you don't have!! ;-)

I really like the blue in the first flower - wow!! And if that is your yard right now, that is great!! My yard is going into wind down mode, so nothing is blooming or growing anymore.
Would it be better for the the plant you want to move, to do it in the fall instead of the spring??? Just curious. I know some plants don't care, but some really do care when they are moved. With it being best friends with the plants beside it, I probably wouldn't move it now anyway, but I was just woundering. That way I wouldn't have to think about it in the spring and forget about it, as I am apt to do!!..... Or wounder if the plant I moved really was the plant I wanted to be moved!!! My friend spend some time this spring moving all these plants to where she wanted them, and very pleased with herself. Weeds, being weeds, didn't mind the new location and grew just they were ment to!! ooops!!!!

Tins and Treasures said...

Well, all your rain has been good for something! All of your plants are fabulous! Happy Weekend ~Natalie

MightyMom said...

okay the vine growing into the bike is HILARIOUS!!

I love morning glories and 4oclocks but have never been able to grow them...little seeds are stubborn.

pdudgeon said...

love your vines! i'll bet you have a lot of butterflies and hummers around!

JuJu said...

Your deck is beautiful, love the bicycle as a deck ornament!!

Henrietta said...

I laughed out loud when I saw Ken's bike.

You don't want to move plants in the fall in South Dakota because their roots may not have time to recover and then they freeze to death.

Spring is the time just as soon as the ground thaws, when the plant is dormant.

Stephanie D said...

My goodness, girl, you DO have a green thumb! Just toss those old seeds anywhere and they grow to beat the band!