Monday Goals

Monday, December 14, 2009

Can I have some goals this week that aren't quilty? Yes, I think I can too!!

  1. Make binding and sew it on my friends quilt
  2. Quilt the mystery top I put on the long arm
  4. Cook/can the two turkeys

We have the Christmas tree up, but there are only two decorations on it! I need to hang those ornaments and get out my Christmas angels, Ken found them!! It's just not Christmas without them.

And I have a question--how many of you make your quilt label and apply it to the backing before quilting? I decided to make my label, sew it to the backing, and then I'll quilt over it. I'll let you know how it turns out.


Stephanie D said...

I've done it both ways--attach at the last minute before the binding, and do it before quilting. It depends on the color thread I use to quilt and the color of the label. Sometimes the quilting obliterates or distorts the writing on the label if I haven't got my act together.

Vicki H. said...

I am really bad, I don't label my quilts. I have thought about it but never done it.

Mary-Kay said...

I usually sew the label on last but one time I decided to sew the label on first then quilt it. Well the label ran, I printed it on the computer and it looked like crap. So I traced over the label with a Pigma pen and becuase it was dark it took away from the areas where the colour ran. I've seen where you sew the labels first and then no one can ever take credit for your work.

Mary Johnson said...

I always put my label on when I'm binding. I sew it in the bottom right corner and it's covered on two sides by the binding -- that way I only have to stitch down 2 sides of it and it's somewhat embedded in the quilt if you will but not as much as if it was quilted in.

MightyMom said...

I'm sposed to label them??