Saturday -- Need to get to work!

Saturday, December 12, 2009
Whew! All that shopping yesterday took my energy. I need to get to work. But, I thought I would show you my "quilty" purchases.

Yes, that's it. A package of "generous queen" size bamboo batting, a packaged set of square rulers, stick pins, and two packages of elastic. No fabric. Everything was on sale or bought with a coupon. The elastic is to make crib sheets for Mason. No fabric.

I need to get to quilting, and the cookies should be baked today. I also have two pork loins thawing that I'm going to thaw partially and then cut them into chops and roasts and refreeze. I find them easier to cut up when they are partially froze. Why not buy them already cut up? Whole loins were $1.19 a lb. the other day! Wish I had bought more of them. I also put two of those large turkeys in the fridge to thaw so I can cook and can them.

So you can see I need to do more than drink coffee and sit here!


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Wow, no fabric. You are one strong-willed lady.

By the way, did I tell you I really like your Christmas blog background?
Very festive.

Mary-Kay said...

I got the same batting on sale and then had another coupon for 20% off the whole order. That particular trip involved no fabric either.

MightyMom said...

I love that you said "no fabric" TWICE!! :-)

what is bamboo batting? I usually get warm n natural I think.

although for my mommy quilt I think I want something with more loft. hubby thinks loft=warmth don't ask me why. I'm gonna back it with flannel too.

I never thought about getting smaller squares. hmmmmmm, might make it easier for some things....have to think on that a spell