Motivation Friday

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I've been so busy this week haven't had time to post. I have this week's goals done, today I canned the two turkeys. (Groan!!) From those two big birds I have 19 pints of PACKED turkey. The binding is done on my friend's quilt. I have the *mystery quilt* binding done also. The Christmas decorations are all around us, my Christmas Grandmother's Flower Garden is on the bed. I have a Christmas ruffle I string onto Ruby's collar! I love the decorations, the family get togethers, the meaning of Christmas, but can do without presents! Little kids and presents, that's OK, but the rest of us neither want nor NEED anything! In our family we do "white elephant" gifts and that is a hoot!

I have a few presents to make yet, a few packages to mail out, and then I am done until Christmas. I still have some popcorn balls and cookies to make. My job to make pies for the Christmas dinner, but my sister Sharon will help me. She is much better at making the edges pretty!

How are your holiday plans shaping up? Are you done shopping? Are you traveling? Is the menu planned? Or are you like us and take is easy over Christmas, no big meals, just fun foods, games and good times?


Tamera said...

I do have most of my sewing done, but I still have a quilt to quilt (waiting for a foot for my new machine). I still have shopping to do for some of the nieces and nephews, but that shouldn't take too long

We're traveling to Kansas (from North Dakota) if the weather holds.

Julianne said...

We are not traveling. We have a Christmas Eve snacks at our house with our grown kids and whoever else shows up. Then we have Christmas day dinner at my mom's with most of the family. My shopping is done, baking done.
As far as gifting..We are getting the best gift ever. Our grandson is to be born today. Our first grandchild in time for Christmas.

MightyMom said...

waiting till new year to send out my don't put your tree away too soon HAHAHA.

Stephanie D said...

Well, the snowstorm we had on Fri. threw a monkey wrench into the works and I am even farther behind than I was. And tireder.

But I refuse to stress over it. DD is leaving in the morning--FINALLY able to get out of her parking lot--to come here for Christmas and that's all that matters.