Visiting Family

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
Tonight we went over to my dad's and sister Sharon's to visit Sharon's son Brett who is passing through. Brett is in the Navy and stationed in Naples, Italy. Every time he visits in the winter, the weather is nasty. Yes, cold, blowing snow, Ken used the snowblower earlier but you can't tell. It is supposed to quit sometime tomorrow.

My nephew Brett

Ken having a snack

Great Niece Hannah is ready for bed!

Dad opening his quilt

Dad holding up his quilt

Merry Christmas early Dad!!


MightyMom said...

love your wrapping paper!

it's the same as what one of Sonshine's gifts were wrapped in for his birthday.

what'd you do to your blog? thought I was in the wrong place!

Henrietta said...

Henrietta has been messing with Lori's blog, its Christmas and Best Girl Friend wanted to get into the holiday spirit.

The transformation may have driven her to the other kind of holiday spirit.

Pat said...

Glad you were able to visit with your nephew! Looks like Dad likes his quilt!

Pretty re-do on the blog~very festive :) Hurray to you for taking the *makeover plunge* :)

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Such uber-sophisticated wrapping paper you used on your Dad's quilt!! LOL

I like your new blog background. Very Christmasy.

Stephanie D said...

Yea! You finished your dad's quilt! Now he can't complain.

Love the new set-up!

Mary Johnson said...

Your dad's quilt looks great but I can't believe you wrapped it in a garbage bag!

Tanya said...

How nice to see your father with his Christmas quilt!