Saturday Shopping Results

Saturday, January 16, 2010
Yesterday we went shopping.  I was looking for a piece of fabric for Rosewillow's challenge.  I searched for a blue, purple, yellow, orange, peach, and a red.  But guess what--the perfect match was a GREEN!  Yes, I had the ladies in the store look too, and the green was the best match.  The neutral will be Kona Sand.

I was really looking for a blue, and may find one yet, but at the moment this is what I have.  And I have two pattens, the first one I am going to make is--

It will show my "people", I hated the thought of cutting them up.   I did do a bit of "retail therapy", but not much.   I will confess all on my Sunday Stash Report. 


SpinningStar said...

I like the color combination and the pattern - it will be pathways through a crowd of people. Form the little bit of fabric, it looks like the fabric is directional.

With my luck, I would sew it all together and discover that the middle square was upside down!

Good luck with the first cut!


Paula said...

Looks like the perfect pattern!! And, I agree with the fabric choice! Yay!!

Mary-Kay said...

That look great but I do agree that you also need a blue. Exactly how much retail therapy have you been involved in?

Stephanie D said...

That looks like a great pattern choice--how big are those large bits?

MightyMom said...

you better watch out or start picking out some new crowns!

LOVE the color match!! it's perfect stay with it! pulls out the green dude and he's kinda sparse in the fabric so it's perfect.

Tamera said...

I think that pattern is going to be AWESOME with your "people." And I agree with everyone about the green. It does pull out some of the more obscure parts of the print.

Didn't you say, though that you had a LOT of that fabric? Maybe if you do find a pretty blue that you like, you could make another quilt with it.

Can't wait to see it!

Tanya said...

Pretty color! It will be fun to see how your royalty sews together.