If you could learn a new technique--what would it be??

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Is there a new technique you want to learn?  Something you admire?  For me it's needle turn applique.  It produces some beautiful quilts.  

My special love is for "Rose of Sharon" blocks.  

I know I will never DO needle turn applique, but it doesn't stop me from admiring it.  I have neither the patience or the manual dexterity.  Is there something you admire?

I love piano music.  My piano playing sucks.  That makes TWO things I wish I could do!


pdudgeon said...

lol, yep i'm right there with you on both of those things. and one of these days when i'm finished piecing all the quilts i have planned, i just might take up applique and learn how to play the piano. i have a hunch that will be just after i move to the old folks home. I know how to applique, but just like quilting and piano playing, it takes practice, practice, practice. LOL (meanwhile i'm saving my scraps!)

MightyMom said...

Blech! Needle turn is for the birds!! I prefer to baste or freezer paper my appliqué Might take an extra step but it's much easier on my hands and looks prettier when finished!!

I'd like to learn to play guitar

Paula, the quilter said...

I don't needleturn either, because it always seems to bubble and be lose for me. I totally prepare my pieces and then glue baste them onto the background. Works for me.

Henrietta said...

Eeeuuuuuw! The 'A' word, shame on you. Shudders.

Suzanne said...

I would like to learn how to thread paint...love the look but haven't had the time (or patience) to really learn how to properly do it!