Motivation Friday

Friday, June 25, 2010
No sewing here!  Last night we attended a picnic sponsored by the Corps of Engineers where I volunteer.  

Toni with the tan pants, Ric, and then Eddie.  We are the volunteers that camp together.  I couldn't ask for better neighbors!

Wednesday Ken and I ran errands.  We picked up a used horse trailer we had bought.  

I don't use a trailer as much as I used to, but wanted a slant 3 horse with a front dressing room/tack area.   I knew the person selling this one, I had been waiting two years for him to get a newer one! 

This weekend Laura Beth's best friend is getting married.  She is maid of honor.  I'm not sure if Ken and I will attend the wedding, we are kinda busy.  

Yes, Ken and I are babysitting Mason.   The wedding is a couple of hours away from here.  We have TWO weddings we are invited to, both on Saturday.  Mason has already ridden almost five hours to our house, we probably will stay home with him.  That's a lot of riding for a toddler.  He still has the drive home on Sunday.  Every time we see him, he has learned new things.  Now he says words, and still will use a bit of sign language.  And he has mastered using a fork.  

Yes, we even saw him get a PEA on his fork.  He's a good natured child.  But BUSY!  Right now he is taking a nap, and grandpa is napping too!  Keeping up with Mason is tiring!   


PS--in case you're wondering if there is anything QUILTY about this post, we used the horse trailer to pick up my 201-2 Singer with the art deco cabinet, it had a wiring issue, and my Singer man fixed it.  


MightyMom said...

am I the only one laughing my butt off that you used a horse trailer to pick up a sewing machine???

cute kid....

Stephanie D said...

Mason's a little doll! I know you're enjoying this weekend with him.

Henrietta said...

When I moved my sewing machine collection from California to the apartment at 200 West Main a couple of years ago I used my horse trailer.
It pulls easily, low step up for easier loading of bulky and/or heavy objects, lockable, covered so nothing gets wet.
I should point out that the sewing machine shop was on the way home for Lori after picking up the trailer.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Love it!! See the pretty new horse trailer is already useful!!