Some Silly Pictures

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
No sewing this last week.  I volunteered for five days and came home just ahead of bad weather.  We were barely in bed when the storm hit.  WHAM!! CRASH!!  Flew out of bed to see what happened.  The window in the screen door on the back door was gone.  So there is glass to clean up.  

While I was at the Visitor Center, I took some pictures.   The lake area is very developed for recreation, but still very "wild".  There are large mirrored windows on the Visitor Center, and we watch the birds, squirrels, rabbits and gophers from the other side of the glass.  They can't "see" us, so we are often within touching distance, except for the glass.  This is Frieda and Rita--

I'm not sure why these two hens aren't sitting on nests.  Maybe they are a bit too young, or their nests were destroyed.  But the last week they have been "dusting" in the flowers beds and eating the stray seeds dropped from the bird feeders.  And drinking from the pond.  

Ignore the strange reflection in the picture (a steamboat wheel)--Frieda often sits on the railing on the outside observation deck and preens.  If that glass wasn't there, I could reach out and grab that silly hen!

This squirrel has learned to launch himself from the trumpet vine and swing on the suet feeder.  He's too fast, I tried to get a picture where he's dangling like a trapeze artist.  Guess we may have to move that feeder!

I noticed this note on the wall in the office, it made me smile---

 It reads "George's phone code".  George retired 18 months ago.  I MISS George!   George was an incredible source of information.  I know--I probably drove him to retirement with all my questions!  And then we had to check--what shows up on caller ID when we USE "George's" phone??

 George--would you please call us--we miss you!!


Stephanie D said...

Are they wild turkeys?

Squirrels are so clever--a friend has peanuts in a galvanized garbage can and the varmints learned to climb up a cage and get enough leverage to open the top. When he put a bungee cord on it, they chewed through the cord. He's having to place it out where they can't get any leverage to open the top. Determined little varmints, aren't they?

MightyMom said...

you feed suets??