Sunday--No Stash Report!

Sunday, June 27, 2010
Well, no sewing, so my stash report hasn't changed.  Well, that's GOOD because I haven't bought any fabric.  Oh, I LOOKED, and PLANNED, but avoided all those buttons!  So far....

It's been busy with Mason.  Fun.  Tiring!  Today we went to Culver's to eat.  Well, Grandpa and I ate, Mason people watched!

Grandma got out that shiny box again and I said "cheese".  

Yes, I had to find a fork, Mason HAS to have a fork to eat.  Even if he doesn't use it.


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Stephanie D said...

Mason is so cute, Lori! He's getting that big boy look now. And I love that he has to have a fork--wonder when he'll start asking for a knife too!