Monday Goals

Monday, December 6, 2010
Goals have been non-existent here for a while.  I need my goals.

  1. Press, trim, and mail next round of red/white swap
  2. Make five more tulips blocks
  3. work on Christmas project

And some goals that aren't quilty---

  1. Can two turkeys
  2. organize quilting room

I know that doesn't look like much, but two days I will be out and about.  The turkeys will take a better part of two days.  I've been thinking about Christmas cookies.  Its very cold here, so freezing them for later is easy.  I have several large Christmas tins that popcorn came in.   Cookies go in them outside on my deck.  The only BAD thing about that is Ken will eat frozen cookies.  Maybe I better move them further away?   

What's your favorite cookie/treat?  I have three--frosted sour cream sugar cookies, haystacks, and soft popcorn balls.  


Mary-Kay said...

Magic bars are the ultimate treat in this house. But pulla(finnish coffee bread) is my all time favourite.

JuJu said...

Just plain ole Cho. Chip Cookies

Tamera said...

I guess my favorite is the old standby...chocolate chip.

Alycia said...

Thats funny - that he will eat frozen cookies! Maybe you need to hide them in the horse trailer!