Sunday Stash Report and Cookie Baking

Monday, December 13, 2010
I BOUGHT FABRIC~!   Woohoo!   15 yards!  Two big pieces.  I will blame it on Henrietta.  She needed some backing, and I saw these pieces and thought of her.   Long distance sympathy pains?  My stash is ahead by 58.5 yards.  Do you think I'll be drummed out of Judy's stash report bloggers??  Check out how everyone else is doing.

Today my sister Kathy and I baked cookies.  Assembly line style.  

  • 132 peanut butter kiss cookies
  • 65 soft gingersnaps
  • 84 chocolate chip
  • 209 sugar cookies, almost all of them were frosted 

We still have one more day of making candy type cookies.  We are taking a day to recover, and hope to finish on Tuesday.  Whew!  

Did you work on Christmas preparations this weekend?


Jay in Nebraska said...

MMM...cookies, you know, since its so cold out, they would do just fine in the mail on the way to my house! LOL

Katie Z. said...

I made a list for my Christmas letter, made fudge for the first time, and mixed up my sugar cookie dough. Six more kinds of cookies to go, and a letter to type and... I'll still be behind.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

If you can call painting in my kitchen "Christmas preparations" then yes, I did work on Christmas preparations. LOL Don't have a single Christmas decoration or the tree up yet. Hopefully next week. To get any time to enjoy them they'll have to stay up until the middle of January.

Nancy said...

Wow, you turned your kitchen into a bakery and made all of my favorites.

I haven't done any baking and at this late stage probably will not.

Pour a cup of tea, grab one of those frosted sugar cookies and think of me.

Unknown said...

Your cookies sound wonderful.

Penny said...

Well if they drum you out I will be there with you. I think I am going to be in the red also. Oh well, it is always something that we will use. You baking is awesome. I need to make caramels and toffee. I would rather sew.

Henrietta said...

Right now I think the red, as in red swap is what put Lori "in the red"

Sorry about the pun, couldn't resist.