Sunday Stash Report--Week in Review

Sunday, December 19, 2010
Busy week!  You too??  Yes, its the countdown to Christmas.   A few packages to wrap.  A few more cookies to bake--I saw a recipe on Judy's blog I have to try.  No fabric bought this week, and nothing finished.  I'm still in the "red" (nice try Henrietta--but YOU helped me add to the red stash!)  Check Judy's blog for everyone's stash report.  See how many have plans for next year!

I've made at least five more Two Lips blocks this week.  They are simple and easy to pick up when I have a few minutes.  No progress on the next set of red/white swap blocks.  I haven't made my two sample blocks, but I've been studying the choices.  

Saturday night my sister Kathy, her husband--my FAVORITE brother in law Paul, Ken and I went out to a neighboring little town steakhouse.  They had advertised a customer appreciation night.   Everyone was issued a numbered ticket for door prizes.  Oh boy!  First Paul won a t-shirt.  Then Ken won a $20 gift certificate.  Then I won a $20 gift certificate.  And before we left, Kathy won a gift certificate for two fish dinners.   It was a great night!

Less than a week until Christmas.   Remember to charge your camera.  Check for extra batteries.  Extra memory card.   Are you ready???


Suzanne said...

No I'm NOT ready, which is wierd since I am usually so organized!

Tamera said...

I'm just the opposite of Suzanne. I'm actually READY for Christmas this year!

I have two mug rugs to make and then I'm DONE with all my Christmas gifts...leaving for Kansas EARLY, EARLY, EARLY on Wednesday.

Can't wait!

Kathie said...

All those wins sounds great, you got some Christmas presents early!!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

READY??? In a word, NO. I'll probably be putting up the tree on Christmas Eve.....or scrubbing the bathroom!!!

Congrats on winning all those door prizes. It really made going out to dinner worthwhile didn't it. We ate at the Hideaway in O'Neill last night...just a good meal, no door prizes.

Katie Z. said...

Camera? Batteries? Where do those little suckers go?

I'm ready for Christmas. Ask DH though - he still hasn't found a Christmas present for me. Ha!