Motivation Friday

Friday, December 10, 2010
Time to check on my goals.

Red/White swap blocks were pressed, trimmed and mailed.  
I have 4 Two Lips blocks done
Uhh, I have only looked at my Christmas project~!

The turkeys are done.  I just need to wipe the jars and date the lids.

Organize the quilting room.  Bits and pieces have been done.  My sister had a large wall unit she was removing from their living room, and we moved it into my quilting room.  It has oodles of shelves and cupboards.  But, I need a carpenter to "notch" a bit out of the back where the floor and wall meet.  One of my heating/air conditioning vents is behind it.   I could cover that vent and not use it--but hey--this is South Dakota and I need all those heating and cooling vents!  My sister said she can imagine the shelves with finished quilts filling them.  Until its flush with the wall I can't put things away on the shelves.  

We needed some new pots and pans.   I didn't want non-stick, and I needed a thick, heavy bottomI bought Farberware Millinium Stainless Steel, the 12 piece set.

I used the large dutch oven tonight to make soup, so far I really like it.  

This weekend my sister and I are going to bake cookies and maybe make popcorn balls.  

The weather forecast for the weekend is cloudy, cold and possible snow.  Good cookie baking weather!  Are you shopping, baking, or sewing this weekend??


Barb in Mi said...

Thank you for reminding me with your blogpost on setting (and checking) on my goals! Hasn't happened much lately for me - but I always enjoy reading about it and get re-inspired! Have a great weekend!

Tamera said...

Let us know how those pans work out. I'm in the market for stainless steel pans, too.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I'll be painting the ceiling & trim in the kitchen on Sunday if all goes well. Christmas shopping is finally done, wrapping left to do. Christmas cards? A few I suppose. Really want to get back to sewing.

JuJu said...

Weather??? High winds, cold and snowing! Makes for staying home to sew and maybe tomorrow do some christmas shopping!

Stephanie D said...

One of these days I'm going to get me a set of good stainless steel cookware! It's on my list!

Hoping to get some Christmas up this weekend, and I still have to decorate the units at work. Next year I'll either have a plan already worked out, or I'll say no.

Assuming I get asked.

Suzanne said...

I shopped till I dropped on Saturday. No sewing for me, unfortunately. I have new pan purchase on my list too....thanks for the review.