Monday Goals

Monday, January 31, 2011
Time to think about the next week.  The Two Lips blocks are waiting for some pastels Henrietta is sending.  So---

  1. Finish block #5 of Beyond the Cherry Tree
  2. Set the Log Cabin block together

I didn't have a stash report this week.  I haven't left the house or poked any buttons, so my numbers are still all zeros. I did finish block #4 of Beyond the Cherry Tree.

Block #4 of Beyond the Cherry Tree

There are errands to run and Les the Handyman is working on a mud room type bathroom in the basement.  South Dakota is still gripped by winter.  

A few days ago in the fridge I found this---

Mason's Bug Juice
We know Mason left it, we miss him.

A few pictures from today--

9:00 am, before the storm

4:30pm--Nanook blowing snow



QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Love that's so pretty, but guess what?? It still doesn't tempt me to start a hand applique project.

Nanook better get in out of the cold. He'll freeze his tushie in the wicked wind chills.....supposed to be -35 according to DH.

Stephanie D said...

Nanook of the North looks as if he's CREATING the snowstorm!

Mary-Kay said...

Hey, keep that snow out your way! I heard we are supposed to get 13" by Wed. Maybe I'll get a snow day. Right!

Henrietta said...

. . . and you think I am going to come and visit? Riiiight.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love your applique block. Stay in out of the snow!!!