Monday Thoughts

Monday, August 29, 2011
Are you a people watcher?  I am!  What do you look at??  Me, my favorites are shoes and t-shirts.  I asked a visitor if I could take a picture of her t-shirt --

Often Henrietta and I have the same idea at the same time, so maybe we have great minds.  Nah!!  And then I had this in my fortune cookie --

Guess someone knew I was about to poke some buttons!  And it rained the other night.  I noticed this in the afternoon --

Its hard to see, but the seat is full of water!  Glad I looked before I sat down.

My windows and doors are open, there's a nice breeze.  Its a beautiful day, I'm going to work on my Jacob's ladder blocks.



Brenda said...

You have inspired me to do some Jacob ladder blks!! I am going to be doing a mystery, and she said that before we start, we need 3 12" blks - hmmmm, what to do, and what to do them in...... so I thought I would try the ribbon blk, out of Halloween fabrics and see what I thought.. (do the whole qult in Halloween was another thought, but then when I made the ribbon blks, I am now making the whole quilt a ribbon blk Halloween quilt!!! so much for the mystery!! find another blk!!)

And with your insperation, I am making Jacobls ladders out of autum fabrics....... Yours are so pretty!!! And they aren't flowery, difficult and no matter what else this mystery ends up being, Jacobs ladders will work!!

So, thank-you for helping me 'find my blks'!!

Now to make them!! I don't really have 'autum' fabics!!!! uh oh!

Henrietta said...

Sitting would have been the pause that refreshes on a hot day.

MightyMom said...

haha I like Henrietta's comment!!

I wanna come visit! it is not comfortable today!