Monday Goals

Monday, December 12, 2011
My goals this week will be small, I'm still in Mankato being Grandma.  

  1. Make 6 Anita's Arrowhead Blocks
  2. Sew on a UFO

Can I put "visit a quilt store on my list"?   I just want to look.  I haven't stopped at the one downtown for at least a year!   Speak up--what was that??  I heard all those YESES!!  I agree--I will stop--after all, its the Christmas season--maybe I can spread purchase some joy?  It would make ME joyful!!

Would you like to see my sewing room away from home??

I have a sewing machine, a cutting table, an iron and a lamp.  Underneath the table are the UFO's I packed.  Those EZ Stor bags are wonderful--you can carry them by the handles and are see-through heavy duty plastic. 

It has warmed up a bit here in Minnesota, I was able to run errands today and pick up a few groceries.  How can one such small bundle of joy make 3 adults so tired??!!


Sara said...

I remember visiting 2 really fun quilt shops in Mankato a couple of years ago. Hope your goals are reached and that that you are having fun being grandma.

Kathie said...

Oh my gosh, what a tiny sewing table. Hope you managed to visit the quilt store.

Unknown said...

Love your mini sewing area, as long as you have room for a machine that is all that really matters.

Mary-Kay said...

That's a nice little area you have there. Here it's suppposed to be 50 tomorrow. I heard that people were golfing the other day. What weird weather!

Henrietta said...

I see the menehunes have been, LOL. Call when you have time.

Stephanie D said...

So, did you purchase any joy???

Lots O Threads said...

What color are your Anita Arrowhead blocks? I did one in all my purples and greens and a girlfriend bought it from she liked it so much! WOW!