Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, April 16, 2012
I really don't have anything up on the wall.  I've been sewing on bindings.  
Making "picket fences" for the Plaid 4 Patch's border.  And picking fabrics for Henrietta's and my project.  

I need almost 100 picket fence units for the border.  And I've been picking fabrics and numbering them for the Trip Around the World quilt.  I'm not happy with how my choices look.  I need to remember the first "rounds" will have very few pieces of fabric.  Henrietta and I have been working to get out of our "ruts".  We've learned that maybe its not that we're "comfortable" in our rut--but that it is a true expression of ourselves--we don't LIKE making quilts that have colors/values that aren't "us".  Henrietta is working on a very soft pastels/florals quilt with lots of triangles.  Very much a "Henrietta" project.  She cuts a few blocks at a time.  Auditions each one.   She's also making little houses--which I call BARNS because they have all been a shade of red so far.  

But I'm heading back to the sewing room later today--again to look at my fabric choices.  Maybe I need some "Lori" fabrics in there.  And just maybe--I need to quit trying to be that "other" quilter and be myself!


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Be yourself. You'll be the happiest that way. Maybe you can try a SMALL project in colors you don't usually use to get out of your rut...if you're really sure you're in a rut you need to get out of.

pdudgeon said...

since you've got your colors picked and taped to a sheet, try running the sheet thru the copying machine, and just use black ink.

that will show you the contrast between the colors, and also which rounds will stand out in the quilt.

Sara said...

Love the picket fence border. What will you do in the corners?

Nancy said...

I agree - you need to be yourself and use the colors that you really love.

Elaine Adair said...

LOVE the idea of running your colors through the copy machine.

The fabrics on your sheet appear to be much lighter with more white, than those in your blocks. Could the yellow paper be altering your color appearance?

Gayle Bong said...

Bravo, well said. I gotta be meee. (I am singing her) and you gotta do what makes you happy and your heart sing.